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He Climbs the Stairs

oil on canvas 90 x 105cm


No Place
oil on canvas 27.5 x 89cm


Three Places
oil on canvas,framed tripych 47 x 89cm


oil on canvas 46 x 77cm


Sheet of Glass
oil on board 24.5 x 33cm


Shoe Shop
oil on canvas 38 x 57cm


Raising the Frame
oil on canvas24 x 32cm



Ham, Shem and Japeth
oil on panel 36 x 46cm

Part of the Genesis Collection


The Woman Gave Me by Julian Bell

The Woman Gave Me
oil on panel 36 x 52cm

Part of the Genesis Collection


Let There Be Light
oil on panel 36 x 79cm

Part of the Genesis Collection


Julian BeLl

Julian Bell (b. 1952) is an artist, writer and critic. He grew up in Newcastle and Leeds, spending summers at Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex, the family home of his father Quentin Bell. Julian read English Literature at Magdalen College, Oxford and began painting in his twenties. There is an overiding sense of humanity in his work. Julian regards himself as a 'geographer of humanity'. He says:' I'm interested in the things people do on the earth, the way they make space for themselves, make structures. But things need to kindle some feelings in my heart.'

His work is held in collections including Museum of London and the Fine Art Collection of Brighton and Hove Museums. Publications include Julian's Vincent Van Gogh: A Power Seething and Mirror of the World. A revised edition of What is Painting? is due  for publication in October 2017. He lives and works in Lewes, East Sussex.

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